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The Lydia Ruth Project



Lydia Ruth Barnes is Lofttan owner April’s Great-grandmother and the last family member in a residential school-the most heinous Mohawk Institute / The Mush Hole which was the longest running Residential School in Canada. It hurt her deeply, and many generations that came before her. She was a lovely soul who died too soon as a result of her deep trauma. She had a very hard life. The Fund was started in her name in 2019 and aims to teach the effects of colonialism and Residential schools on our Indigenous families and communities.

The Fund  provides Arts scholarships for Indigenous students of any age. 

We truly believe in the Medicine of Creativity.

A portion of the proceeds from each BlingBOX  will go to the Lydia Ruth Fund, which provides scholarships for Indigenous students in the Arts.


The Lydia Ruth Project was conceived  and launched in September 2019, to educate on the effects of Residential Schools and colonialism on Indigenous people.

In the 60 minute session, we explore the family and community legacy of this oppresive system, in place for well over a century, and impact of generation after generation of government sanctioned genocide, delivered by the Catholic church. Participants gain knowledge and understanding, and have the gift of creating a beautiful bracelet in remembrance and healing through the Medicine of Creativity.

Ideal for groups, schools, corporations, etc.