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Collection: Medicine Wheel Collection

The Medicine Wheel is an Indigenous wellness modality , and symbol of the sacred hoop of life used for 1000's of years.

The wheel reminds us to care equally for all aspects of our wellbeing -Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. Everything is equally important, and if one part of your wheel is out of balance, it will have trouble turning.

The Medicine Wheel is a layered teaching that speaks to the cycles of our lives, the cycles of nature and seasons , our Medicines, the elements, animals, and so much more.

We hope that wearing your Medicine Wheel jewelry will remind you to care for all aspects of your life.

Lofttan will be giving a portion of the proceeds from this line to the Mohawk Village Memorial Park, a place of healing for survivors, their families, and community of the Residential “school” atrocities, in perpetuity, until enough money has been raised to complete the park. To visit their site, click here:

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